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Bones, Brains, and Zombies….Oh My!!!

Happy Halloween to all you little monsters out there!  Our friends did a photo shoot for fun this year.  We recreated the Bridesmaids movie cover and then we did it again as Zombies!  For the photo viewing, Copper Goat created a Zombie Dessert Table!  It was filled with Body Parts and Brain delights!  From Plum Wine Gelatin Brains to Meringue Bones and Eyeball Shots!  We had fun with the decorations.  Bleeding candles came from Pier One.  We used the wine bottles from the Mulled Wine Sangria to make the bleeding candle holders by adding some stickers and rub-ons from Michaels.  Then, we filled them with water and added a glow stick!  I grabbed the table decoration from the 99 cent store!  Love that place!  I also included some shots of Rachael and I and our friends from the Zombie Glam Photo Shoot.  Take a Look!

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Photography courtesy of Matt Dinan.


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to All from Copper Goat Confections! We are looking forward to bringing you Sweetness in the new year! Coming in 2012: Homemade Marshmallows, Honey Lavender Caramels, Maple Bacon Caramels and much much more!

Here are a few treats I take home to Illinois for my family:

Homemade Chocolate Cordials

Homemade Holiday Marshmallow

Ho ho hold on!

Ho ho hold on to your candy canes! Or rather throw them away! Copper Goat has one better! Straight outta da pot and into your hands!

Try our new peppermint caramels!


The Great Pumpkin Caramel is real!

We have done it! After multiple trials, some smashed pumpkins, and a little tender loving cinnamon and nutmeg, we have a Pumpkin caramel!

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