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Sugar, sugar everywhere and not a drop to spare…well not quite

We have been having this horrible,even scary dilemma lately where no matter what temperature we take our caramels off the heat they are way too hard! As you can imagine our friends and family don’t have a problem with this because they get to eat the mistakes. Unfortunately our new Wells Fargo bank account does!
There are several factors at play here that can be affecting the sugar cooking process.
1) the cooking temp
2) the pot used
3) the ingredients
Really the list could go on and on and on….all the way to the mood we are in or the weather outside. So with an abundance of factors at play here how is it that we can on a regular basis produce delicious tasty caramels you ask? Well I have no clue! I know it takes repetition, faith in your senses, and not second guessing yourself. That’s the best I got at the moment!


About coppergoatconfections

We are a dessert company located in North Hollywood, CA. We sell a variety of products such as brownies, bars, cookies, and candies. We also specialize in seasonal fruit tarts, and pies, and celebration cakes.

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