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As we continue to expand our business we are in constant need of bigger and better equipment! The past few days we have started looking into the next best and biggest pot in which to make your sweet caramel dreams come true. Cheesy yes but also very serious! Thanks to generous family members we have acquired a copper pot! Yippie!
But…dun dun dun….it’s not BIG enough!! Eeek!
So stock pot it is my friends, a must for any kitchen!
Any one have suggestions on he best one?

(The above is to be read as a dramatic monologue with desperation and longing in your voice)

Come back and visit on Thursday to catch the first installment of “Oh sugar, my sugar, how do I cook thee!” No really I know that’s totally dorky but Bethany and I have realized that this blog, while great for keeping you updated, should also be for information and support. Whether you’re making caramels to munch on yourself, share with friends, or to start your own caramel sweat shop, we’ll share our tips and tricks with you! Feel free to comment and ask questions. If we know the answer well let you know. Just like if you know something feel free to let us know!


About coppergoatconfections

We are a dessert company located in North Hollywood, CA. We sell a variety of products such as brownies, bars, cookies, and candies. We also specialize in seasonal fruit tarts, and pies, and celebration cakes.

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